Seared cabbage Photos: Jeff Marini

Should you be inclined to ask, the owners of this sunny Logan Square cafe will happily tell you the name and location of the farm or dairy or mill that produced every ingredient in your perfectly burnished croissant, your sumptuous canelé, or your fluffy buckwheat-molasses muffin. But you don’t have to possess that information to know that this place is good. The showstopper is its bread, a country loaf with a chewy crust and airy crumb that begs for a generous schmear of Cellar Door’s house-made butter.

Two nights a week, the place stays open for dinner, and it’s one of the best-kept secrets in Chicago dining. For $40, you get a multi-course BYO feast featuring a startling range of impeccably prepared foods, from seared cabbage with sunchoke mole to a bay laurel semifreddo. And every meal comes with plenty of that wondrous bread.

House-made bread
Farmer’s cheese dumpling
A snack platter