Soft scrambled eggs with confit chicken thigh Photos: Jeff Marini

Embrace the hygge. David and Anna Posey’s nouveau-Nordic fairy garden of a restaurant embodies this Danish concept of coziness. It’s like a well-worn sweater that also happens to be incredibly sculptural and chic. The place is comfy but calculated, its food wrought with technical precision. This husband-and-wife team, who first met during their days at Blackbird, play off one another’s sense of whimsy. In a bit of vivid color-play, a thin wedge of duck liver tart is dusted with pulverized salted ramps that are the shade of spring grass. Similarly, a dessert of fried bread is blanketed by a blood-red fruit jam and draped with a fig leaf. Whoever’s making your dish often brings it out to your table like a personal gift. Not quite cozy enough for you? Sit outside by the fire on the patio, wrap yourself in a faux-fur blanket, and snuggle up for a while.

Roasted quail with wax beans