From left: steamed pork-and-leek dumplings; beef skewers; fried chicken-and-cabbage dumplings; shrimp skewers Photo: Jeff Marini

Dumplings, as far as the eye can see. The several dozen varieties on offer at this sleek Chinatown destination are a beautiful sight indeed. QXY grew out of a humble stall in a subterranean food court and quickly developed a following. Its new location is far sunnier than the original, and it’s a more streamlined operation, too, turning out dumplings at an impressive clip. Many are liberally flavored with spices and aromatics, from cilantro to leeks. Some are fried to a gentle crunch, others steamed or boiled to succulence. The chicken-and-cilantro and beef-and-onion versions are surefire winners, but no matter how wide your tastes stray, it’s nearly impossible to go wrong.