Beef Wellington Photos: Jason Little and Nick Murway

It’s not a stretch to call this gleaming, neo-retro West Loop steakhouse from Boka Restaurant Group magical. As in: There’s an actual magician who can be summoned to your table and reel off mind-blowing card tricks after you and your date have polished off a golden-crusted beef Wellington for two. Anything you want, Swift & Sons can make it happen, from a gently charred strip steak to a roving dessert cart to, say, theater tickets (with help from the in-restaurant concierge). Your server, wearing a smart suit jacket and an easy smile, ever ready with the well-timed quip or thoughtful drink suggestion, accompanies you on your journey like the world’s most charming cruise director. It’s like steak Disneyland. You may never want to leave.

An Old Fashioned and a Thai Banana Daiquiri