The 42-ounce Mishima tomahawk steak Photos: Nick Murway

The options on this meat palace’s menu are so numerous that they can create temporary paralysis: Do you get the 90-day dry-aged ribeye? The three-ounce portion of wagyu? Béarnaise? Foie gras butter? Luckily, you can’t go wrong with any combination. RPM excels at old-school luxury, and treasures abound for those with the expense accounts to pony up for them. Chef Doug Psaltis revels in excess—like with the silky risotto showered in shaved truffles, or the chocolate cake flecked with edible gold flakes. On any given night, the cream leather banquettes are stuffed with Chicago power brokers wooing clients over hulking 24-ounce cowboy steaks as tuxedoed servers deftly ferry plates of luscious mayo-topped crab legs and clouds of cotton candy to VIPs. But you don’t have to be a big spender to feel special here—in fact, just about anyone can find some kind of satisfaction.

The Duke ribeye with Japanese sweet potatoes
Chocolate Heaven cake