Catch Chicago’s Best Young Ballers at the Public League Final Four

Start with the one of the historically best high school talent pools in the country — do the names Derrick Rose, Jabari Parker, Kevin Garnett, and Mark Aguirre ring a bell? — then add intense intracity rivalries and swallow-the-whistle physical play (ask Whitney Young’s Miles Reynolds about the gash to his forehead in the 2014 semifinals), and you have … Read more

See a Show at a Storefront Theater

Ever since Steppenwolf famously got its start in a church basement, Chicago theater artists have made a practice of turning absolutely any room you give them into a performance area, where actors and designers work their magic three feet from your face. Sometimes these found spaces are especially hidden. Entering Bucktown’s 45-seat Trap Door Theatre … Read more

Go on a Spirit Quest at the Full Moon Jam

In a city not known for hippie culture or pagan nature-worshiping vibes, this free summer monthly gathering stands out as one of Chicago’s neatest open secrets. A huge group of free spirits gathers just south of Foster Beach on every full moon from June through September for a public drum circle and dance party. Meanwhile, … Read more

Learn How Chicago-style BBQ is Made

The best way to appreciate our homegrown barbecue style, which employs an aquarium-style smoker, is to head to Lem’s Bar-B-Q, Chicago’s oldest Black-owned barbecue spot, and order the pork rib tips. The smoky nubs of meat and fat come doused with a signature tangy red barbecue sauce (yes, it is available by the gallon if … Read more

Go Back in Time to the Jazz Age

The Green Mill Cocktail Lounge is among the city’s iconic jazz clubs, and unquestionably the most persistent: You can catch live music every night of the week without fail. There’s a consistent rotation of expert players and ensembles zipping through primarily swing, bop, and modal jazz, but the main draw is the Mill itself, because … Read more

Pray for Peace at Loyola University’s Madonna Della Strada Chapel

Seeking a microdose of absolute tranquility? Head to Loyola University’s Madonna della Strada Chapel, where you can cocoon in picturesque silence along the loamy edge of Lake Michigan. Architect Andrew Rebori, an acolyte of Louis Sullivan best known for his luxury 1920s-era Gold Coast apartments, created a sanctuary of sweet repose when he designed this … Read more