When you’re lazy like me, finding a competitive sport to play with friends isn’t easy. Soccer requires too much running. Basketball involves just as much running, plus you have to jump a lot — sounds exhausting! Football is obviously a nonstarter … far too dangerous. Golf is relatively safe, but have you seen what it costs to play a round? Luckily, there’s a sport that Chicagoans love that involves almost no risk of injury and even less physical effort: WhirlyBall. For $30 an hour at WhirlyBall Chicago (or $250 to rent an entire court for up to 10 people), you can play a combination of lacrosse, hockey, basketball, and bumper cars that requires no natural talent. It doesn’t even require standing up. Players are divided into two teams of five, and each participant is given a scoop — think of the head of a lacrosse stick, only plastic, used to scoop up a Wiffle ball. Sitting in bumper cars that max out at a whiplash-inducing four miles per hour, competitors try to hurl the Wiffle ball into a target 10 feet above the floor, à la basketball. And even if you lose, well, at least you didn’t get any exercise. 1825 W. Webster Ave., Bucktown