Seeking a microdose of absolute tranquility? Head to Loyola University’s Madonna della Strada Chapel, where you can cocoon in picturesque silence along the loamy edge of Lake Michigan. Architect Andrew Rebori, an acolyte of Louis Sullivan best known for his luxury 1920s-era Gold Coast apartments, created a sanctuary of sweet repose when he designed this art deco chapel in the 1930s. With engineers rushing to extend Lake Shore Drive through Loyola’s campus, Rebori hermetically sealed the space off from the anticipated belching motors and blaring car horns outside. Although the road’s expansion never materialized, the chapel’s glorious silence remains, punctuated only by the soft burble of its marble baptismal font. It’s like sitting in a giant dream catcher, complete with whitewashed walls and twinkling Mycenaean-blue glass candles. Exit out the back and that placid stillness yields to striking views of Lake Michigan gently sloshing against the rocks below: an undeniably holy soundtrack for nature lovers of every creed and faith. 6453 N. Kenmore Ave., Rogers Park