The Best Gifts for Every Type of Person On Your List

PAID POST BY ALCHEMY ADVERTISING From the foodie to the fashion lover, we’ve rounded up nine gift ideas that’ll bring joy to every type of person on your list. From splurge-worthy diamond earrings to an AI-enabled smart chess board, read on to see the full list of holiday finds. Wine Subscription from Naked Wines Toast … Read more

Chicago’s Out, Puerto Vallarta is In

In Chicago, fall marks the arrival of tailgating, cozy sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes. But most importantly, it means the clock is ticking when it comes to booking winter getaways to warm, beautiful locations that allow you to leave the cold behind. This winter, think Puerto Vallarta. Situated on the Pacific coast of Mexico, the … Read more

Best Emotional Support Animal Letter Services 2022 – Certified & Affordable ESA Providers

When you’re battling an invisible disability related to mental health, it can feel invalidating when people don’t recognize that you need certain prescriptions, whether they be medicinal or whether it be a support animal. However, your mental wellness journey is all your own, and when you’re able to advocate for yourself and reach out to … Read more

Best CBD Cream 2022 – 10 Most Reliable, Fast Acting & All Natural CBD Topicals

The CBD market continues to flourish, and brands continue to create innovative CBD products to suit people from any walk of life. Although CBD is typically ingested, there are topical CBD creams and other CBD topicals meant to alleviate muscle pain and joint pain. These CBD creams target specific areas, providing you with fast relief … Read more