As one bigtime aficionado puts it, “Ordering from Vargo is kinda like ordering weed in New York in the 1990s. You DM them, get a menu, place your order, and send the money. He delivers.” “He” is Sebastian Vargo, a laid-off chef who let his nascent interest in live cultures grow over the past year like a fat SCOBY in a vat of kombucha. It proved a smart pivot, and his approximately 3,500 Instagram followers accrued as quickly as the good word of mouth. His garlic dills and fermented green salsa have become signatures, but fans stay on the lookout for the weirder stuff, like pickled mackerel, fermented cashew pesto, and fennel cabbage kraut. If you snooze, you lose, but he’s always quick with DMs to encourage you to be vigilant and not wait a day (or even a few hours) when he announces a new batch of fermented breakfast radishes or Indonesian sambal. And yes, he makes kombucha — great kombucha, at that. Follow on Instagram at @vargobrotherferments.