The chicken árabe and gyro tacos from Evette’s would taste brilliant out of a paper sack, but damn if they aren’t as much a joy to open as a new iMac. Pop the lid off a box of these tacos, and you’ll see each standing upright in a special grooved holder. The colorful fillings catch your eye, and the tortillas are warm, never soggy. “I nerded out on the packaging so that everyone’s experience was right the first time,” says co-owner Mitchell AbouJamra. “The first ones we tried had this cool Aztec design but were hard for us to pull apart,” he says. Next he tried inserts, like cup holders for tacos, but the heat loss was too great: “Even if some guy lives 10 minutes away, they’re gonna get cold.” Eventually, he landed on the box he now uses, which has vents on the sides to allow steam to escape, an insert-like interior, and a snap-shut lid. Vroom. Inserts from the same company, Sabert, also ennoble the tacos at Taqueria Chingón. Evette’s, 350 W. Armitage Ave., Lincoln Park; Taqueria Chingón, 2234 N. Western Ave., Logan Square