“Hang out with any Mexican long enough and they’ll tell you some spooky personal story,” says local playwright Ricardo Gamboa. “It shouldn’t be surprising when you consider we come from a culture that celebrates Day of the Dead.” For this year’s Día de los Muertos, the Mexican holiday commemorating the deceased, Gamboa is hosting ¡Ay Cucuy!, a night of scary stories and live music at the APO Cultural Center (October 8 and November 2; $20 suggested donation). Drawing its name from a Mexican legend used to frighten misbehaving children into listening to their parents, ¡Ay Cucuy! stems from Gamboa’s love of the supernatural — and his desire to give Latinos in Chicago a platform to share tales of the macabre via an open mic. “This event is a celebration of this aspect of our community,” says Gamboa, whose new play, The Wizards, a supernatural thriller set in Pilsen, runs October and November at the center. “[Latinos are] haunted by things like violence or racism but also find time for joy, commiseration, and community.” 1438 W. 18th St., Pilsen