You haven’t seen the Northwest Side unless you’ve walked or biked the Bloomingdale Trail, a 2.7-mile elevated path running between Ashland and Ridgeway Avenues. It’s the largest greenway on a former rail line in the country. New York City’s High Line may be more glamorous, but it’s smaller and not as practical for getting from one place to another. On sunny days, the 606, as it’s more commonly known (the name is taken from the start of Chicago ZIP codes), is one of the liveliest places in town, full of cyclists, joggers, and dog walkers. It’s great to experience by Divvy bike (choose the $15 day pass), but don’t rush. Take in the diverse flora, such as serviceberries, lilacs, gingkos, and quaking aspens, as well as the architectural variety of homes that abut the path as it travels through Logan Square, Wicker Park, Bucktown, and Humboldt Park. You’ll also spot artwork, including Birds Watching by Jenny Kendler, a 40-foot-long aluminum sculpture depicting 100 reflective bird eyes. And don’t just stick to the path: With 12 access points, the 606 is a giant entrance ramp to some of the North and Northwest Side’s most vibrant neighborhoods. West trailhead at 1805 N. Ridgeway Ave., Logan Square; east trailhead at 1806 N. Ashland Ave., Bucktown