The Neo-Futurists ensemble’s signature show, Infinite Wrench, is never the same twice, but it’s imbued with its own rituals that have kept fans coming back for 34 years. The performers attempt to make it through 30 very short “plays” in 60 minutes, but these microvignettes aren’t fiction; the Neos draw from their own lives and each week introduce five or six new sketches, so there’s frequent commentary on current affairs. You’re handed a menu of titles as your program, and the audience chooses the order, shouting the number of the play they want to see next. This introduces a gleefully chaotic energy as the performers scramble to remember which prop or set piece they need, all while a giant darkroom timer ticks toward their deadline. And if they finish on time? The audience gets pizza — a ritual more theaters should adopt. 5153 N. Ashland Ave., Andersonville