There’s nothing I like doing more than lying down — at home, in parks, but specifically at King Spa & Sauna. For $50 you can spend up to 24 hours lying on all sorts of things: warmed tiles in a hot tub, a wooden bench of a steam room, a hot marble slab in a dry room, an overstuffed chair lit by low lights as you drift into slumber. Upon entry, you pay the fee and are offered a set of pajamas like you’re joining a cult but without all the group sex. King Spa is divided up in sections:  wet rooms (single sex), dry saunas (coed), a restaurant, relaxation spaces upstairs, and a movie lounge. My recommendation: Start with a shower and dip into the pools. Then hit the dry saunas, which all have a different purpose, though my favorite is the charcoal room, where I get as hot as I do when I see a topless photo of Idris Elba. Cool down in the ice room and then eat before getting a service like the Golden Aroma scrub and massage. Get a wormwood steam sitz if your lady bits need that little extra sparkle! 809 Civic Center Dr., Niles