Among the classic American diner fare at Uncle Mike’s Place, you’ll find a second menu featuring silog, or Filipino breakfast combos. In 2008, co-owner Lucy Serrano made herself one, catching the attention of nearby Filipino customers. Her husband, co-owner Mike Grajewski, added a few components, and the rest was history. Their silog comes with a bowl of lugaw (chicken rice porridge), a plate filled with sinangag (garlic fried rice), eggs, and your choice of longanisa (anise-cured sweet sausage), tocino (anise-tinged grilled pork), Spam, bangus (butterflied milkfish), or skirt steak (pictured). Dip the meat into the vinegar or eat it with the tomato, green onion, and cilantro served on the side (you can also mix the vinegar and veggies together for a chunkier dip). The meal ends with champorado, a chocolate rice porridge, to send you on your way with a kiss of sweetness. From $9.25; 1700 W. Grand Ave., West Town