The namesake item at this iconic drive-in, which Maurie and Flaurie Berman opened in 1948 (that’s them, in hot dog form, on the restaurant’s roof), is a Chicago-style hot dog — just a bit bigger and better. The oversize all-beef wiener is served on a poppy seed bun and comes topped with mustard, onions, a dill pickle, a hot pepper, and the genius addition of pickled green tomatoes, which solve the out-of-season tomato problem and add some piquancy. It’s lovingly tucked in a box with crinkle-cut fries and served via carhop. The experience is enough to make you nostalgic, even if you didn’t grow up coming here. $6.75; 6363 N. Milwaukee Ave., Norwood Park East; 333 S. Milwaukee Ave., Wheeling