Before Bela Lugosi, before Christopher Lee, before Frank Langella, Gary Oldman, Willem Dafoe, and legions of other actors doing their menacing best — before them all came cinema’s foundational bloodsucking ghoul portrayed by the aptly named Max Schreck (his surname means “fright” auf Deutsch) in Nosferatu. Now celebrating its 100th anniversary, the vampire classic was long ago elevated to masterpiece status by film critics and scholars. Director F.W. Murnau’s shadow-drenched nightmare is a silent film, of course, but on October 24, one week before Halloween, you can absorb it on the big screen at the Music Box with a live soundtrack. The Invincible Czars, an Austin-based experimental rock band, will perform their haunting score, a mix of electric guitar, drums, organ, violin, glockenspiel, and more. musicboxtheatre.‌com