What sets this bar apart isn’t what you can drink, though its massive list of whiskeys is indeed worth celebrating; it’s what you can hear. From Sunday through Thursday, the North Side staple Delilah’s welcomes a different DJ each day with an encyclopedic knowledge of one genre of music — funky soul, hard country, R&B, you name it — to deliver a soundtrack loaded with B-sides and deep cuts. My personal favorite is Punk Rock Monday, when you’ll get served up gems like Cock Sparrer’s “England Belongs to Me” and 999’s “Emergency.” Never heard of those? Me either, until I snagged a bar stool at Delilah’s one Monday with DJ Bill V at the helm. In an era of algorithm-powered playlists, Delilah’s DJ booth is a reminder that the best kind of music discovery involves the most analog of recommenders: another human being. (And if it isn’t DJ Bill V, it’s DJ Tai’s Jeff, DJ Drew, or some other punk rock devotee.) In plenty of cases, Shazaming songs here won’t be of much use — they’re rare enough that they haven’t even entered the internet’s sonic library. But the DJ booth is right next to the bar, convenient for tracking down an answer to a question you’ll often find yourself asking: What did you just play? 2771 N. Lincoln Ave., Lincoln Park