The only way to truly know whether deep-dish or tavern-style pizza reigns supreme in Chicago? Try them both yourself. There’s no shortage of spots to find a great version of either one, but visiting two of the iconic spots for za should help you decide. Start on the South Side at Vito & Nick’s and order a sausage pizza. The pie is cracker thin, loaded with nubs of fennel sausage, and sliced into a party cut. Have a few slices, get the rest packed up, and head to Lou Malnati’s. The closest dine-in location is in Little Village, but there are dozens of locations you could visit instead. Order the Chicago Classic, with a thick buttery crust, a layer of sausage, and lots of mozzarella. They’re two great pizzas, and when deciding your favorite, there’s no wrong answer. Vito & Nicks, 8433 S. Pulaski Rd., Ashburn; Lou Malnati’s, 3859 W. Ogden Ave., Little Village