Allow Leon Rogers, cohost of The WGCI Morning Show, to explain: “Corey Gilkey and Diego Ross are about the culture, not only of hip-hop, but of the city. A lot of their pieces have that unique Chicago swag to it. It feels like the South Side yet translates to the North Side, far suburbs, and internationally. The name to me says it all: Leaders. They lead, never follow.” He’s talking about the owner and general manager, respectively, of Leaders 1354, and inside the 700 square feet of intimate boutiqueness — somewhere between the skateboard decks, grail sneakers, custom caps and hoodies, full fits, and accessories — is where the retail soul of Chicago’s concrete-runway fashion can be found. The shopping experience is communal, not necessarily because of the space but because of conversation and carefully curated playlists. (You’ll hear everything from not-yet-released Chance songs and lo-fi Eric Godlow beats to old Kanye joints.) It’s the Chi’s version of Supreme — only way doper. 1152 W. Madison St., Near West Side