Distillery visits are fun, but at this point, craft distilleries are common enough that you can find them almost everywhere. Know what you can’t find everywhere? A craft brandy distillery that makes liquor from local fruit and also features a tiny cocktail bar. Rhine Hall Distillery brings in literal tons of Midwest apples to make its signature apple brandy (available both aged and unaged), which is one of the best after-dinner sippers in town. Rhine Hall also cranks out a huge variety of fruit brandies (including flavors like mango, banana, and pear) and mixes them into cocktails in its onsite tasting room and bar. You can book a full tour ($10), or just stop in for a drink at the bar, which provides a direct view of the gorgeous German copper still. Try the classic old-fashioned, which swaps in aged apple brandy for whiskey, and you might just never swap back. 2010 W. Fulton St., West Town