The 24 sandy beaches that line Chicago’s eastern edge all have distinct personalities and flavors. But instead of jostling with throngs of beachgoers at North Avenue Beach or 35th Street Beach, make your way to quiet little South Shore Beach. Tucked deep behind the renowned South Shore Cultural Center, this overlooked treasure is bordered by the urban cityscape and a nature sanctuary, which is home to colorful butterflies. The sounds of children laughing, as they ferry buckets of water from the lake to the sandy dunes to build their castles, blended with the melody of seagulls screaming out to each other are an antidote to the honking horns, blasting radios, and sirens of everyday city life. Standing on the powdery shoreline, watching the dark blue waves rush in, feels like you’ve found the most remote island. And yet in the distance, you’ll see a hazy and elegant view of the city skyline. 7059 S. South Shore Dr., South Shore